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Digital vs. Conventional Label Printing - We Explore the Benefits of Both

With the arrival of digital label production, printing companies are now in a position to print full color labels in small quantities, quickly and affordably. However, it is an enhancement, not a replacement, to conventional label printing practices.

Digital-PrintingDigital printing does not require the addition of expensive printing plates and press setup time that is normally associated with conventional label printing, which is why it is a more affordable. This reduction in cost is highly beneficial to any company with a limited budget or under pressure to cut its expenditure. 

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Digital printing is especially valuable for labels that require some form of variable data, such as sequentially numbered bar codes or serial numbers, with a high quality finish. Many day-to-day commercial printing companies are entering the label printing market, keen not to be left out of such a thriving sector. However, few are aware of the challenges in label production and management currently facing conventional label printing companies. For instance, it is not possible for every label job to be processed via a digital press, as there are limitations in label stock and size options.

Another consideration is the size and sector of a company’s customer base, as the type of labels each industry requires can differ enormously. Chemical, automotive, pharmaceutical and medical device industries require specific materials in order to meet industry compliance regulations. Failure to meet these requirements could result in products being recalled or seized, as well as a huge profit loss and damage to an organization’s reputation.

Utilizing the expertise of a professional label production house will guarantee that the job is completed efficiently, cost-effectively, and at the highest quality using materials that meet specific industry requirements.

Digital printing is an enhancement, not a replacement, to conventional label printing practices. By offering both options, companies are able to provide their customers with a broader range of options and the ability to complete any job.

What has your experience been with digital label printing? Do you prefer one method over the other?