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5 Things To Consider When Selecting A Label Supplier

In theory, choosing a label supplier may seem a simple task. However in reality, the decision can be extremely difficult. 

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Choosing the wrong supplier can have a huge impact on productivity, profitability, brand reputation and patient safety. Deciding which supplier and specifically which label will best meet your business needs can be a daunting task. To ensure that you select a supplier that is best suited to your company there are a number of areas which should be examined.

Selecting a Label SupplierWho is already using the product?
A useful indicator of the quality of a supplier and their products is their existing client base. Many company websites include customer testimonials that can be verified by contacting the spokesperson or company to confirm the quality of their work. If customer details of testimonials cannot be seen on the website it may be beneficial to request references which can also be verified. If a supplier is confident in their product, they should have no qualms in sharing this information with you. Are they willing to give you a trial of the product?

How experienced is your supplier?
Another important aspect to consider is the amount of experience a company has in the industry. This is not to say that ‘newer’ companies should be avoided, however if a company has been successfully operating for 30 years or more they may be better equipped and positioned to solve problems than a start-up company. Test the knowledge of the company to ensure that you – and your customers/patients are in a safe pair of hands.

Does the service offering meet your requirements?
When choosing your supplier it is often helpful to look at the range of services they offer. It’s usually best to pick a company that can cater for all your printing requirements. Does this supplier offer proof of compliance? Are they able to offer proof of validation? Can they support the additional country-specific language and regulatory requirements? These are vital questions that should be asked before engaging with any supplier.

Are they prepared to go the extra mile?
In a competitive industry, some companies will go the extra mile and be willing to offer you higher levels of customer service than others - these will of course stand out. Services such as taking sample stock and fitting it to the right ribbon or label for you may be offered by some companies but not others. In addition to this, they may offer call-off contracts where you can order a certain number of labels and receive them at regular intervals throughout the year. How far is the supplier willing to go?

And finally - How much?
Although price is not the be all and end all, it is certainly something to be considered. Often, cheapest does not mean best, therefore we recommend setting yourself a planned budget and looking for suppliers who can offer you the services you require within this, as a way of narrowing the initial search. Research may indicate that you won’t get what you need, so budgets may need revising and - of course - it is important not to base your decision purely on the cheapest option. The longer term ROI from working with a supplier who can offer more personalised, relevant and comprehensive services is a factor to consider. And remember - some companies may be prepared to negotiate on the price, so do ask the question if you find a supplier that ticks all the other boxes.

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