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In-house Colour Printing - Is It Right For Your Business?

Colour Printing

Many organisations would like to be able to print colour labels in-house to gain production flexibility, but have kept to the traditional two-stage colour label printing process they know. However, a new to the market print solution has made it a more viable and cost-effective option for medium sized businesses than previously available.

For organisations that want to operate full colour printing in-house the new 4 colour Swift Color Digital Inkjet Printer (SCL-4000D) provides a cost-effective and efficient alternative to thermal transfer printing. Organisations that may currently be operating a thermal transfer printer in-house, purchasing labels from a supplier and then over printing with their own printer, can significantly cut costs with a Swift Color Digital Inkjet Printer with the ability to print on plain white media.

Watch Our Short On-demand Colour Printing Video

The Swift Color Digital Inkjet Printer is ideal for medium sized medical device and pharmaceutical organisations, or manufacturing units within these, enabling full colour printing on both paper and synthetic material as well as a superior print quality with a 1200 x 1200 dpi print resolution.

In addition to the excellent print quality, users will benefit from the printer’s ease of use, while its compact size means that the printer can easily be situated on a desk or in a cupboard. Combined with the printer’s easy label roll replacement and simple ink cartridge replacement it makes the printer perfect for use in an in-house setting.

The benefits of a printer are obviously an important consideration when selecting a printer but so is ensuring that your supplier has software that can support your business needs. It is important that the supplier has tried and tested software that can support the printer and help to eliminate errors. It is also imperative that a supplier is experienced in installing and using the printer and has a high level knowledge of the product to enable them to advise customers wanting to print on a range of materials and recommend materials for different applications accordingly.

This new, concise, accurate and fast colour printing method is readily available now! If you would like more information about the Swift Color Digital Inkjet Printer please contact a member of the team on +44 (0)1189 364444 or make an enquiry here.