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Security labels; Maintaining Brand Protection and helping you avoid Sticky Situations

Security Labels

Whether used for proof of tampering or counterfeiting, security labels are often used by companies across the business spectrum to maintain brand protection.

From FMCG and pharmaceuticals to companies providing high value products, security labels provide a peace of mind to help ensure that your merchandise and in particular its identity and therefore your brand identity, is protected and safe. There are many different forms of security labels and these include:

Hologram Labels
Holograms are completely customised to your patented brand/logo and cannot be reproduced due to the bespoke nature of the production process. As well as enhancing packaging and brand awareness, a hologram security label primarily combats counterfeiting.

At PRISYM Labels we print a variety of different holographic images with stylish designs featuring company logos and/or serial numbers for our clients.

Hot Foils
Hot foil labels are a cheaper alternative to a hologram labels, but still provide much the same benefit by giving products credibility through a feeling of quality. By using a decorative foil material, available in a wide range of colours and patterns, eye-catching designs can be achieved to match your specification, enhancing the visual effect of products which is particularly important when shelf appeal is a vital element of the products positioning.

Tamper Evident
This type of label is primarily used for product packaging and labelling where it is crucial to know that the product has not been altered since leaving the manufacturing or packaging site. E.g. Games Consoles or sterile medical equipment will have this across a joint in the casing to prevent illegal modification of the product inside. Tamper evident labels are designed to either fragment or leave behind a pattern of text of your choice to clearly indicate that somebody has attempted to tamper with your product. They are also used to help maintain warranty.

Meaning Radio-Frequency Identification, RFID tags give the ability to track and manage items. For example, books in libraries, mobile phones, artefacts within a museum. The possibilities for the applicability of this technology are endless. Using RFID can also help verify the authenticity of a product.

Destructible Labels
As the name suggests, destructible labels are made with delicate material and can be stuck with ultra-strong adhesive to ensure that the label breaks easily. This will alert owners/purchasers/clients of any product tampering. PRISYM Labels use high quality materials when producing destructible labels to ensure that any removal of your labels is made impossible.

There are also further benefits to using security labels. Official company holograms can become part of your corporate brand. They cement brand awareness with the customer as they develop a trust relationship with your business.

As briefly touched upon before, Tamper Evident and Destructible Labels can also assist in validating product warranties, which can also save your company time and money when it comes to assessing customer claims and any alleged faults with your product.
When it comes to Security Labels, it is clear that there are a number of options; each with different benefits and purposes. Make sure you explore every option available, and if in doubt, consult an expert who can advise you on the right type to fit your specific requirements.

If you would like more information about Security Labels please contact a member of the Prisym team on +44 (0) 1189 364444 or make an enquiry here.