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5 steps to getting the most from your labelling process

5 steps to getting the most from your labelling process

1. Materials: 3 is the magic number

Getting the right materials for your labelling process is a vital part of your label requirements. There are three elements to this: face paper, adhesive and liner.

For the face paper, choose between a long life synthetic, usually used for product and chemical labelling, or, a paper product - typically for short life packaging. Following this, the adhesive can be either a permanent or removable one, such as the freeze adhesive used to ensure a frozen products label doesn’t detach. Finally, take your pick between a white or beige liner to complete the trio!

2. Printer and Ribbon: All tied up
Choosing the correct printer can be a long process, especially with such a wide variety of manufacturers and models out there, but it’s a task that shouldn’t be ignored. Consider the maximum size of label you need and the resolution of images or text you require to help ease your decision. For the ribbon, you need to choose the material and manufacturer that best suits your requirements. Here at PRISYM ID - we can help, having tested multiple varieties, we are able to support this decision and recommend the material and ribbon best suited to you.

3. Printer Maintenance: Clean up
Like any other piece of equipment, keeping your printer in a good condition is an important part of the process. PRISYM ID offers onsite maintenance support contracts that save you the worry by committing to always attending within eight working hours. Our engineers carry spare parts, and most problems can be fixed on first visit. Finally, don’t forget to take your own steps to avoid letting dust or dirt particles inside, by keeping the lid closed and, make sure you clean the print head regularly.

4. Expert Bureau Service: Keeping it small
As an alternative service for smaller batches or variations of labels, the best step to take is to use an expert bureau service. For smaller scale customers who don’t own a printer, this can be a cost effective approach that follows all regulations and ensures labels are seamlessly created for them. Runs of 1,000 labels or more can be printed on an array of materials and PRISYM ID’s expert knowledge saves any worry of non-compliance or labelling errors.

5. Label Evaluation: Review and revise
Finally, evaluating your labelling process ensures all aspects are optimally efficient and regulated. PRISYM ID provide an evaluation service, attending the site to look at each element and assessing whether there are any enhancements which can be made to increase efficiency or quality. This includes looking at the printers and ribbons as well as checking how many labels are used and the types of ribbons. Finally, the team will provide recommendations for any challenges and problem areas to ensure each client is always getting the best possible from their labelling process.

Follow these five simple steps, and you’ll be well on your way to getting the best from your labelling process.

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