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Hologram Labels

Hologram Labels

The word hologram originates from the Greek words ‘holos’ and ‘gram’ meaning ‘whole view’ and ‘written’ respectively. A hologram consists of two or more images arranged so that each is alternatively visible depending upon the angle or perspective of the viewer.

Hologram labels offer security, product authentication and protection against counterfeiting. This gives both the label supplier and the consumer peace of mind. Counterfeited goods are a major concern and can have a damaging effect on the brands being replicated. Research suggests that consumers favour a product bearing a hologram when looking for a high quality product.

Holograms are near impossible to forge. They are widely used in bank notes, passports and credit cards as well as quality consumer products. Quality clothing brands are now using these labels as a way to quickly and effectively identify legitimate products.

Hologram labels;
• Cannot be reproduced
• Enhance packaging appeal and brand awareness
• Combat counterfeiting
• Are quick and easy to validate
• Can be customised to your patented brand/logo

Other security labels are also available including hot foil labels, destructible labels, UV & thermal labels and tamper evident labels.

Hot foil labels are a more cost effective alternative to hologram labels and yet still offer the consumer the feeling of security and quality. Hot Foil Labels are less about anti-counterfeiting and more about the aesthetic appearance of a label. Hot foil labels perform well in most applications and are available in a wide choice of colours and patterns.

Destructible labels combat theft by using an adhesive that is so strong, the label cannot be removed.

Labels which include colour shifting, fluorescing or invisible UV inks help to identify genuine and counterfeit products.

Tamper-evident labels are widely used in the packaging & labelling industry where it is vital to know that a product has not been tampered with before it reaches its final destination such as sterile medical equipment or medicines.