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Types of Label Adhesives

Label Adhesive

Many of our customers ask about which adhesives could or should be used on their labels. There is never a straight forward answer to this question, as there is a wide selection of adhesives and materials, and it all depends on the labels end use.

There are two basic types of label adhesive; permanent and removable. Each type can be made from a variety of materials. Which material you choose depends on the surface being labelled, the conditions the label will have to endure, the required purpose and the longevity of the label. 

The most popular types of label adhesive materials are acrylic (suitable for long-lasting products that need labels to withstand time and frequent handling) and aqueous acrylic (only to be used in dry environments). These are used in the following four major types of adhesive labels:

Permanent Adhesive
Permanent adhesive is the most common and least expensive and can only be removed by solvents as they are, obviously, made to be non-removable. Removing a permanent label usually results in the label being destroyed. Permanent adhesive is suitable for non-polar surfaces, films, and corrugated board, but not recommended for labelling highly curved surfaces.

Semi-Permanent Adhesive
Semi-permanent labels behave like a removable label at first. You can place it where you need it, and you can move it about at will. After a few days, however, the semi-permanent label changes its composition. It begins to set hard and permanently affix itself to the object. It then becomes the equivalent of a permanent label, completely locked into place. This is why semi-permanent adhesives are also called repositionable adhesives.

Peelable/Removable Adhesive
Labels using peelable/removable adhesives hold fast and do not easily fall off, however these labels can be removed from the surface on which it was placed. Upon removal, the label is not destroyed and the adhesive stays with the label, not the surface. This label can adhere again on another surface. An ultra-peelable label is popularly used on book jackets and glass, where no residue is acceptable. These labels can only be used once before the adhesive is gone.

Freezer Adhesive
A freezer adhesive can withstand extreme cold without peeling or cracking, therefore it is used on labels that hold fast to a surface when the temperature has become very low, even below zero Celsius. However, when the temperature increases, the label can be easily removed.

Before a label adhesive is chosen, many factors must be considered. These include the label size, the texture of the fa├žade to be labelled and the mobility level required. Some, such as retail labels must be removed at some point, and others, such as shipping labels can be left intact indefinitely.

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