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The GHS labelling compliance deadline is here

With the deadline for GHS labelling compliance now here, organisations are under strict obligation to have solutions in place. Although this might seem a time consuming and tedious process, the inconsistent classification of chemicals is an issue that has been testing the industry for years. For those organisations not already prepared, now is the time to take action and start identifying and implementing ways to deal with it, and thus begin reaping the benefits.

Effective as of June 1st 2015, organisations are obliged to strictly comply with the new regulations; however, this doesn’t have to be all bad news. Achieving quality and consistency in chemical hazard information will make a safer workplace for employees. What’s more, by complying with universal regulations, the barriers that previously complicated and prohibited trade around the world are reduced, thereby supporting growth on an international scale. Ultimately, the GHS requirements support growth and critically, ease management for chemical labelling.

So is your organisation prepared?

The first steps are to get familiar with what is required and then to assess the changes your organisation will need to make. With a proper risk and scenario assessment undertaken, you can then put in place an implementation plan as quickly as possible. For compliance, this means having the necessary chemical labelling software readily available. Having this specialist solution means better management of chemical classifications and the automated production of labels with guaranteed compliance.

By fully understanding the requirements of the GHS regulations and taking action with the necessary support from a trusted partner, your organisation will be able to achieve compliance and ultimately take the first steps towards the benefits GHS labelling compliance can deliver.

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