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Mixtures labelling deadline 1st June 2017

With the CLP/GHS changes that occurred in June 2015 – companies were given to the 1st of June 2017 to comply.

If you haven’t yet converted from the orange squares to the red diamonds now is the time to change your labels to comply with the new requirements before it’s too late.

The inconsistent classification of chemicals has been an on-going problem for all stakeholders in the chemical industry. A substance which is classed as toxic in one part of the world may not be considered toxic in another, creating many challenges in the global supply chain.

GHS aims to improve the health and safety of workers, consumers and the environment by ensuring consistent hazard communication on the chemicals being used, and the final deadline for all organisations within the chemical supply chain to make the transition to this new system is looming. The ability to get ahead of the deadline will ensure organisations experience a smooth transition and avoid potentially brand damaging penalties.

The Regulatory Framework

  • Substances
    A chemical element or one of its compounds
    Includes substances with stabilizers and impurities which cannot be separated out
  • Mixtures (were preparations)
    Mixtures of solutions composed of two or more substances


  • Products that are already physically in the supply chain before the reclassification date can be relabelled up to 2 years
  • Mixtures relabelled by 1 June 2017

For assistance with the changes or new labelling software and/or a quotation on your labels please contact a member of the sales team today on 0118 936 4400