Complimentary Label Evaluation - Nothing To Lose and Everything To Gain!

The question of how to reduce the cost of consumable packaging and labelling without incurring errors and recalls is one of the biggest issues facing manufacturing organisations today. 

Many companies will experience poor print quality at some point and unfortunately it is often overlooked until it causes a problem. We are currently offering our customers a COMPLIMENTARY label evaluation at their location to identify where changes can be applied to achieve the best outcomes at an affordable price. 

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What does the onsite evaluation include?

The visit will take no more than a couple of hours to examine the current processes and will evaluate:

  • Volume of labels being produced
  • Type of label material/s being used
  • Type of ribbon/s being used
  • Printer types and quantity
  • Printing method
  • How many print heads are used in a 12 month period and costs associated
  • Downtime in production due to problems or printers being out of action
  • Service reports for printers
  • Testing the compatibility of all the above to ensure the best quality is being achieved

PRISYM Labels will then provide a full report of the findings that will advise where changes could be made for a more efficient and cost effective process.

To be validated it’s not just about the materials but the combination of those materials that’s important.

Speak to the team and see if an evaluation may be worth while for your company.

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